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Why look through dozens of products with price as your only evaluation tool? Call us.


We will do the leg work to simplify the options into a Good, Better, Best format.


Once confirmed we will process your order and keep you informed throughout.


When the order is completed we will ship to fit within agreed turnaround times.

Buy the best PPE & workwear at the best prices in the UK

We know how it feels to be busy, needing things to be done the right way.
When PPE & workwear orders don’t go the way they should, it’s massively frustrating.

We also know how great it feels when a supplier does what they say they will when they say they will do it.

BHI Can help you buy the right PPE & workwear products at the best prices to deliver the performance and value your business needs.

Call 01709 527 603 to discuss how we can do the leg work.

Buying PPE & workwear is one of those areas which can seem to take a disproportionate amount of time to get right, so let us take care of that for you so you can focus on making money.

How to easily buy the best PPE & Workwear.

We’d really like to show you how we would do the leg work, present you with easy to digest options, so you can make more informed choices for all your PPE, workwear, safety equipment, and signage needs.

Buy the right the products, at the best prices, to deliver the performance and value your business needs.

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  • Mistakes made.
  • Little support
  • Poor turnaround times
  • Costs incurred

We’ve all been there, buying PPE & workwear can be a hassle and one that seemingly never ends, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


“We’ve got to get someone else in, how hard is it to get an order right?”

Seem familiar?

When things are going well, everyone is a hero.
It’s when things go wrong that defines the value of a supplier.


BHI Supplies Ltd

We know there are many PPE & workwear suppliers which means we focus on developing relationships based upon trust and assurance.

That only comes by ensuring we deliver value, new solutions and innovations consistently, to make their lives easier.

Buying PPE & workwear doesn’t have to be a chore – we can make things Simple, Easy & Effective.

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