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Buy Rock Salt at the best prices w/ BHI

Which de-icer is best? Rock salt, grit or elbow grease?

With winter almost here, do you have enough rock salt, grit and de-icers for your business? As we enter the winter months, the cold and frosty mornings can lead us towards chaos. Do you have enough rock salt, grit, shovels, spreaders and resources to manage? It’s not just at home, where you need to getContinue reading “Which de-icer is best? Rock salt, grit or elbow grease?”

South Yorkshire is the cradle of industry & and the driver for innovation

Buying PPE and workwear in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster?

Do you need a reliable workwear, safety product & PPE provider in South Yorkshire?

What's happening with PPE & Workwear UK 2021

What’s happening with PPE & Workwear in the UK -Spring 21

You may not be thinking about it now, but you may need to find out what’s happening with PPE, Workwear, workboots, uniforms, safety equipment, face masks etc in the coming weeks in the UK.

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