Who is the best PPE & Workwear supplier in the UK?

Do you know what PPE you need?

Have you heard of BHI Supplies?


Okay, Question: Are you happy with your current PPE & Workwear supplier?

If yes and they provide you with great service and pricing, congratulations you are doing a great job.

You’re buying right and the service allows you time to focus on other more pressing tasks in your business.

Who are BHI?
Where can I buy PPE & Workwear in the UK?

But if you’re like many people and the answer is no.

How does that make you feel?

How can you go about changing the answer to a yes?

Buy the best PPE & Workwear in the UK

How can you make your PPE supplier do what they say they will?

Are your current PPE & Workwear suppliers able to change?
If so, why aren’t they?
Do they view you as an easy mark or a cash cow?
If they can’t or won’t change, does that work for you?

What is the best PPE & Workwear for my business?

It may be a great time to look at alternative suppliers that can deliver your business the value & performance it needs.
Buying PPE & workwear can be a pain in the…Proverbial.
If it’s not managed correctly, and I don’t mean the fallacious benchmarking process of playing multiple suppliers off each other over a price point, things can go awry, quite quickly.

Who’s to say that the PPE, workwear, or safety product, being benchmarked is the right product for the specific requirements at hand?
All that process does is get the cheapest price someone is willing to supply at.
It doesn’t cover the issue of application and suitability.

Because of this many suppliers sell you what they think you want, rather than providing you with the products you actually need.
It’s easy to compete solely on price, but is that in the client’s best interest?
If you answer yes to that question, I’ll leave you with that thought.

How to buy the right PPE & Workwear in the UK

If you’re starting to see where we’re coming from you may see the huge benefit of working with a PPE & Workwear supplier who does more than give you a cheap price.
Remember, price is what you buy, the cost is what you pay.
Yes, there is a difference between price and cost.

I’ll give you a real-world example.

Let’s say we look solely at price for this example.
I have two work boots, one is selling at £25.00 and the other is selling at £12.00.
Which one costs more?
Wait….no cheating!

If we are looking solely at price, the answer is the £25.00 pair of work boots, right?

Okay, but we don’t live on a price tag or an invoice, do we?

Let’s introduce some real-world data into the equation to flesh this out, in terms of price and cost.

After looking at your data for the financial year we see you order the £12.00 pair of work boots three times on average per worker, but you only order the £25.00 pair once.

Now, which boot costs more?

The £12.00 pair, right?

It costs your business £36.00 per worker per year.
But it’s not a flat £36.00 because every time your business places a PO it adds on more operating costs, more inefficiencies, greater impact to internal and external processes, more risk, more liabilities and the increase in hidden costs.
These may not be known until the end of the financial year if known at all.

That £36.00 may cost many times that figure in true cost when thoroughly investigated.

Buy the best safety work boots/footwear 2020 at BHI

So, why do people opt to buy the cheapest PPE or workwear option?

It’s a good question, right?

Should we ask for answers on a postcard?

I know this was an oversimplified example, and you are more astute than that hypothetical buyer, but it does have a very potent point to it.

How do you know you are buying the right PPE, Workwear, or safety equipment for your needs?

Does your PPE supplier help you with the choices based upon your requirements?
Do they present you with several options with pros and cons to help you decide?
Do they simplify the choices down so you have more useful information to help you choose?
Can they provide you with examples backed with data to help you avoid unnecessary expense?

Do they even care?

What’s the best way to choose a PPE & Workwear supplier in the UK?

Let’s look at this from your perspective.

What do you want from a PPE & workwear supplier?

What would that look like, if you had a magic wand?

Careful now!

What would you pay to get rid of all the pain and frustrations your current supplier gives you?

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking… ”great, this guy wants us to pay more for our PPE & workwear”.

No, not at all.
We just need to know you are open to paying more to get rid of your pain points.

If you’re not open to it and you’re wondering why each supplier keeps chipping the price, yet keeps letting you down or causing you problems, then I would say the problem is not just with the suppliers.
It may be down to the way the price/cost/value is evaluated, or rather not, correctly evaluated.

Reverse the situation, let’s say you sell a PPE or Workwear widget and people keep trying to chip you on the price.
At what point does it become uneconomical to supply?
Or do you keep trying to chase the never, never and make up the shortfall in profit/targets/overheads through other sales?

Why is buying Workwear & PPE so painful?

You only have so many hours in a working week!

With the targets, hours and minimum overheads fixed, what is the variable component in that equation?

Could it be the level of service you receive?

Does it seem that PPE & workwear salespeople will say anything to get the sale from you?

Hmm, I’ll leave you with that thought.

The best way to buy PPE & Workwear products in the UK is with BHI Supplies

Regardless of what went before what do you want from a PPE & workwear supplier?

Do you want someone who will sell you the wrong PPE/workwear products just to get the sale, or do you want someone to understand what you need?
Do you want people to ask the right questions to give you due consideration as to your specific operational situation?

Do you want someone to ask why you need a certain PPE/workwear product, not because they are nosey, but because they may have an alternative that offers you greater cost/time savings, or better performance?

Do you want someone to listen to you and to understand how to fix your problem with a simple cost-effective solution?

How would you go about finding that PPE & workwear supplier?

Google? Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? Word of mouth?


What do you need from a supplier to put your mind at ease and to feel assured they have everything in hand?
What would the ideal PPE & workwear look like?

Do they need a slick website with 50,000 products with price as your only guide?

Or do they need to deliver on their promises with action?

What would a great level of service look like?

How about simplifying things down to a more manageable level, so you have the relevant information to decide on?

How would you like more useful information to make more informed choices based on real data and reporting?

How would you like someone to do the legwork and present you with simplified choices, so you can focus on more important factors?

We suspect most people would settle for a supplier doing what they said they would do when they said they would do it.

These questions are asked every day, so we are well aware of the answers and the consequences of not getting them right.

When you realise that chasing the cheapest price for a PPE product is not the best way to get value for money, performance, or peace of mind, you may be ready to speak to someone who can help you avoid repeating avoidable mistakes and missteps.

You may be ready right now!

Maybe it’s time to speak with BHI Supplies and make buying PPE & Workwear Simple.

Call 01709 527 603
Email sales@bh-i.com

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